Made in Winner Means Everything is Possible

WINNER FLOOR was founded in 1978. Through our dedication to providing excellent customer service and aggressive pricing we have steadily grown to become a multinational, diversified company with business scope in the various flooring categories.
In striving to ensure that WINNER FLOOR’s products are of the highest quality and the most innovative designs, we are devoted to significant investments in the factory environment, tooling, timely renewal and maintenance of all our equipments and machines, R&D projects, patents, certifications, ect.
One of WINNER FLOOR’s core company values, and the cornerstone of our success if customer service. We are committed to providing the best customer service. As always, we make sure that your questions and problems are taken care of quickly, that delivery schedules are met, and that the products you receive meet or exceed your quality expectations.
As a promise to you, we will always be on the cutting edge of product innovation, manufacturing technology, quality control, and also that will always be able to deliver the quality products at the most unbeatable prices. We assure you of the utmost cooperation and are committed to establish a mutually profitable business relationship with you.
A special message to all our customers around the world, you have not only been our business partners, but also our best friends. All of us in WINNER FLOOR sincerely appreciate your support throughout the years and we all will continue to work very hard for our mutual business for all the years to come.